Decline in University Applications

19 Mar

Due to the rise in university fees in 2010, has resulted in a decline in applications according to theGuardian.

2009 saw a dramatic increase in the number of applicants however 2010 welcomed a decline of 7.2% of 18-19 year olds.

1 in 20 people who were meant to apply didn’t, and as a result The Independent Commission Fees feels that a huge 15,000 potential students have not applied.

As of 2012/13 the ICF are to conduct three studies per year investigating what impact the increase in fees has, especially on middle and low income families.

The average fee for an English Student is £8,385 increasing by 1.5% to £8,507 the following year.

Other parts of the UK, where student fees have not increased, have not experienced a decline in university applications, clearly indicating that the decline witnessed by England is solely based on the fact of the price of fees shooting up dramatically.

Scottish students attending universities at Scotland do not have to pay any fees but citizens from other parts of the UK have to pay £9000 and International students have to pay £17,500 for a music degree at University of Edinburgh.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said “students should not be put off going to universities for financial reasons.” Students will only have to start paying back their student loans when they start earning more than £21 000.


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